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ADMIRE Thermo-Hydrodynamics

ADMIRE thermo-hydrodynamics develops multiscale simulation methods and toolboxes to quantify the dynamics of the hydrogen in the porous rocks and salt caverns. Here we study how e.g. hydrogen comes in contact with other reservoir fluids, what Equation of State should be assigned to hydrogen, how the relative permeability or capillary pressure curves are defined for underground hydrogen storage, etc. Complementary to the hydrogen lab, here we focus on modeling and simulation developments; tightly connected to the discoveries performed in our unique ADMIRE Hydrogen Lab.

I. Quasi-static pore-network simulation of H2/Brine flow in porous systems

In our first study, we have investigated and utilised the Pore-Network-Model (PNM) approach to obtain relative permeability and capillary pressure curves relevant for underground hydrogen storage (see ref. 1 below).

This section will be completed soon...


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